TarotCycles help both the people whose lives they describe and those around them. Some subscribers purchase cycles as an alternative or supplement to meditation or counseling. Others are interested in helping a partner, colleague, or friend.

    The readings below are illustrative. To really get the feel, and the benefits, you would need one that's timely for your own life, one that focuses on your own karmic agenda, on the issues that are current for you.

     TarotCycles work on many levels. It is best to read yours at the beginning of a cycle and then regularly throughout its seven-week lifespan. They're like good wine, changing in complexity and nuance with your awareness and appreciation. As you work with each cycle you will feel your consciousness expanding.

    Click on the reading below that interests you the most and see if M. Tamar's voice resonates with your spirit. Consider the special introductory offer to feel the impact in your own life.


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