Give yourself the gift of insight. Satisfy your curiosity about the subtle contexts of your life.

    You can work with TarotCycles in two different ways, through the written interpretations of your cycles, emailed to you directly every 52 days, or by a tarotcycle plus phone consultation with M. Tamar at the beginning of (or during) a cycle to help you see how the cards affect what's happening in your life.


Current/Next TarotCycle:  emailed interpretation of your personal TarotCycle$25
Special 3-Cycle Offer: three readings for yourself or to share with a friend. Plus learn your tarot birth card.$70
Special Full Year of Cycles: seven readings for yourself or to share with a friend. Plus learn your tarot birth card.$150
Each consultation lasts approximately 40 minutes and includes perspective on your current cycle, as well as answers to specific questions about your life. To set an appointment, send your order and email phone number, best times to reach you, and your questions to:
Current/Next TarotCycle:  emailed interpretation of your personal TarotCycle plus a private consultation by phone. $70
Special 3-Cycle Offer plus Personal Consultations: three readings, tarot birth card, and three phone consultations.$190
Special Full Year of Cycles plus Personal Consultations : seven readings, tarot birth card, seven personal phone consultations$400
Card of the Day:  password access to the unique card of the day, 365 days a year$125
Gift Readings: A unique gift idea. Buy readings as gifts for family, colleagues or friends. Reading will be sent to you, unless you provide a recipient's address. Or a gift certificate if you prefer. All gifts include a gift card unless otherwise requested.
Note: If you are ordering 2 or more consecutive cycles for the same person, you need to complete the birthdate and delivery information only once. Unless you identify a different start date, you will receive your current TarotCycle. To check cycle change days, you can go to change days.

Ordering Information for TarotCycles

Confidentiality Policy: TarotCycles are a confidential service. They are for the personal use of people on a spiritual journey. Client files are not networked or accessible from the internet. Only M. Tamar has access to client records. Cycle readings are released only to the payee or designated recipient.

Security:Payment information is handled only via a secure server. All information is used only for one-time purchases. It is not transmitted to any other receipient except over a secured line of a commercial bank for processing.

Privacy Policy: Client information is never distributed, loaned, sold, or otherwise used for commerical purposes.

You can order in two different ways:

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