TarotCycle for Kathe: June 14 through July 4

    Get to work. ThatÕs the message of this cycle. It is a time when the focus of your reality will be the material plane. When you will have a powerful opportunity to make great progress in your career, in the expression of your skills and talents in your craft.

    It is a period when you will grounded and practical and will be able to channel your energies into what you do, what you make. Your actions and your products will reflect the sense of appreciation you have for life, and for your own gifts.

    They will allow you to channel your ability to nurture and create into very tangible forms. Will help you take your strengths, your skills, your commitment, and channel it into the world in a way that benefits you through perseverance and effort.

    This time is one when you may sometimes long for relief, but in which the process of creation itself will give you such a strength and sense of right livelihood that you will likely keep on doing more of what you can in the world.

    It is a time when you may be able to turn a talent or skills into a new source of income, or even a change of profession. You should not distinguish between work and creativity. The lesson of this cycle is that they are synonymous. Only if you see work as tedium and effort will you miss the benefits of this period.

    You should be sure to operate from a place of balance during this time, because the choices you make will have powerful impacts on your material world. You should use caution and prudence rather than impulse.

    It is a time for learning, for recognizing what brings you satisfaction and understanding how to do more of it to better yourself. This may come in the form of work opportunities, commissions, chances to express yourself in new ways that give you both satisfaction and exposure.

    You may find that you have to accommodate changes in order to expand, but these will be worth it. Try not to keep your mind locked on your life staying the way it is: comfortable, familiar safe, productive, but not at its optimum.

    This cycle is a chance to work with energy and form together. To take your ability to work with substance and skill and make it practical, but also to imbue it with a sense of life, with the breath of creativity that will distinguish your creations from others who do similar work.

    It is a time to let your unique qualities show. And if this means adapting you will need to trust that the benefits will far outweigh the adjustments.

    Encourage yourself to believe in yourself. Encourage yourself to provide a safe and secure place to do your work, to be creative, to let the richness of your vision have expression.

    This period is a time when you can express your ability to be compassionate, to channel the magic of lifeÕs evolutionary cycle through the form of your work. You will be able to help manifest your spiritual values in physical form. Will be able to create a practical basis for your expression that will also enhance your development.

    What is important about this time is not only what you make, what you produce, that you can measure in tangible form. It is the growth in understanding that you gain about the importance and meaning of work in your life.

    Learn the true importance of your efforts. They are to grow your heart and your spirit as well as to give you a sense of place on the material plane. Let your energy fill your creations and they will support and nurture you.

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