TarotCycle for David: July 3 through August 23

    This will be a very positive cycle for you, especially on the social and emotional planes. It is a period when you will have strong sense of being appreciated, even loved, by a network of people. These will include colleagues and family as well as personally intimate friends.

    It is a cycle that has a strong component of initiation, of new energies, both in the emotional and material realms. It is not unlikely that you will meet a person, or a group of people, with whom you will have a strong and possibly long involvement, people who will prove meaningful in your life and with whom associating will benefit you.

    This period is one in which your best filter for reality will be your feelings. The more open you can stay to allowing love to permeate your world, the more of it you will experience.

    You may sometimes feel a little overwhelmed by the magnitude of opportunities that offer themselves to you. A little taken aback by the amount of newness in your life. You may wish for more stability, more of a sense of the familiar. But do not look back. Use your energy to keep yourself open to the possibilities of the future.

    The keys to this cycle are receptivity, emotional harmony, and appreciating your own capacity to create them. Try to let the senses of grace and love that is within you be the prism that reflects back from you all of what the world offers, and which opens you to be increasingly receptive to it.

    You will have many people who will approach you during this time. You should have a strong sense of emotional abundance, of happiness and sharing joy. There may even be an event, some specific occasion that is the source of celebration. Regardless of the specifics it is a period that will feel abundant with optimism, especially if you are able to keep your heart open and experience all the feelings that will arise from deep within you.

    Your challenge to be able to embrace the entirety of life, to allow yourself to generate a new attitude, and to integrate new emotions and insights that may sometimes feel overwhelming. It is like surrendering to the power of ocean waves. You will have to learn to trust that they will support you, not drown you, and that it is safe, pleasurable, and ultimately exhilarating to ride on the tides of your feelings.

    One of the aspects of this cycle that is particularly interesting is the potential for grounding yourself in new material opportunities. It is a time when you will be able to plant seeds for success that will come later. This may mean a new job, a new home, involvement in some financial or entrepreneurial venture, especially one that bring you in contact with new people.

    It is a particularly propitious time to engage yourself in enterprises that combine your emotional and practical sides. You should strive to ground the energies that will well up in you, to give birth to something that will sustain you emotionally as well as materially.

    This cycle is all about embracing the sweetness that life offers and creating new opportunities of yourself to be happy. Don't be shy. Taste every joy that comes your way. Don't be embarrassed about wanting, and creating opportunities, for enjoying more. Cycles like this come too rarely. Stay open to possibility and benefit from it.

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