TarotCycles tarot card readings describe your soul's journey through time.

    Tarot Cycles are a synthesis of tarot and astrology. Tarot Cycles is a new age tarot card horoscope that can help you live with greater consciousness, and also give you a practical tool for responding to life's challenges and possibilities. Tarot Cycles tarot card readings can help you with your relationships, your career, your psychic health, and your spirituality.

    Tarot Cycles tarot card readings will help you better understand your own psychology. M. Tamar's interpretations of the tarot cards for each of your cycles will provide you with a unique, helpful, and resonant mirror for your journey.

    If you are going through a rough period, Tarot Cycles can help you develop strategies for coping with change. If you are bursting with vitality and energy, Tarot Cycles can help you hear where your inner voice is guiding you. Tarot Cycles are a reliable and informative companion as your wheel of fortune turns.

    Tarot Cycles begin when you are born, with your tarot birthday card. Its relationship to the other cards in the deck determines your core issues, your challenges, your strengths, and your gifts. Each year on your birthday all the tarot cards change position. Their new relationship determines your annual Tarot Cycles horoscope, seven cycles in every year. The first begins on your birthday; a new one starts every fifty-two days after. Visit the table of change days so you can follow your own TarotCycles astrology.

    When a new Tarot Cycle begins, the focus of your life changes. You have new opportunities and new challenges. Each Tarot Cycle tarot card reading is different, and each tarot horoscope will be a unique teacher and guide for you. As you move from one tarot reading to the next you will carry with you the insights and awareness of your own growth. Tarot Cycles tarot card readings become your inner zen teacher.

    Once you begin to follow Tarot Cycles tarot card readings regularly you will discover a whole new layer of insight. You'll act with greater clarity and focus. Your light will shine more strongly from within. You'll notice, and so will those around you.

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