TarotCycle for Jonathan: December 11 through February 1


    This is a period when you may plunge headlong into change. It is a period when your energy will be high, when you will be motivated by idealism, and when you will have strong impulses to achieve, though likely in direction that are new for you.

    It is a time when you will have the benefit of lessons hard learned, hard-earned. Though you may not always remember their teaching before some precipitous act, you can rely on the fact that your wisdom will increase and prevail during this cycle, even if you acquire a few lumps along the way.

    Your mind will be a great ally. It will prompt you to take risks that will propel you into new situations. There will likely be moments, perhaps even durations, during this cycle that will not be comfortable for you. But they will move you towards growth, and growth that you would not be able to achieve in a more peaceful passage.

    Your thinking will be very acute during this time. Though you may sometimes have a viewpoint that others perceive as single-minded, it will be undisputedly yours, and one that you are willing to fight for.

    The greatest danger for you during this cycle is that you re likely to move faster than experience warrants. You will sometimes be too impatient, impulsive, headstrong, and rash.

    You may move so far out on a limb that you need to work harder than is truly necessary to shore up your position. If you can instead come from a place of perseverance, of progress rather than catapulting, you may find that you can achieve the same ends with less psychic stress and effort.

    The good news is that your recklessness will not endanger you. But it will push your limits. You will need to pull from the strengths you have cultivated, and from your knowledge about how to move forward without tripping over yourself.

    This cycle is an excellent time to allow some of your hidden talents to emerge. It is a period when your desire to learn, to expand your basis of knowledge, will be very high. Some of the skills you have used in what you think of as your personal life will now be needed and valued in your professional life. They will help you persevere to a goal that you may have previously thought unattainable.

    It is a time to let go of some defenses that you have thought you needed to make your way in the world. You will be able to travel lighter and faster without them, and will be seen more clearly for who you really are. This will afford you success as well as a greater sense of clarity and focus.

    You may find that this process uncovers some parts of yourself that are not fully healed, a little bleeding behind the scabs as they fall off. Do not be distracted by this, but remember the lessons you have earned. Let your sorrows be reminders, not anchors.

    Let the creative thinking that will be released in you cut through obstacles to new ways of seeing your life. Expand your awareness as well as your energy level. And as you charge toward your goals, always remember to keep your mind open to new learning, for it will light your path.

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