TarotCycle for Emily: July 13 through September 2

    This may be a difficult period for you emotionally. You are likely to focus on what you do not have, on the heartbreaks of your past and present, on your desire for love in forms that it may not be available to you.

    It is a time when you may feel as though you have given all you have to give and are being asked to give still more. A time when you will see what is lost, what has been taken, and only with effort be able to find the connection with what remains and is yet available to teach you how to love.

    The passage will not be easy. It will be a time when you will need to surrender to disappointment or risk getting caught in it. It is a time when you will need to let yourself feel grief, experience sorrow and pain but not get stuck in these feelings. This is a difficult challenge: to allow yourself to experience trying emotions in their intensity but not become trapped in self pity.

    You may try to console yourself with the idea that relationships are transient. and impermanent but the core truth is that you still measure your happiness by your connectedness with others. This is a period when you can make progress in this arena but it will be possible only if you can recognize that connections beyond intimate dyad have equal value.

    You will have a persistent feeling during this cycle that your emotions are in control of you. They are likely to provide a constant demand for attention. it would be best if you saw them as some kind of wake-up call, as an alarm to shake you from complacency, though this may seem a great leap of consciousness during much of the cycle.

    You will simply need to accept that this may feel like a stressful period for your heart. It is a time when you will continue to be drawn to loss, to what is over and finished, whether that is an acute event or part of your emotional history.

    Your challenge will be not to define yourself in terms of this loss, not to measure your life by disappointments. Instead, try to survey your world and see what is reliable, what remains to you as an asset and an ally.

    Look to see what you are attached to, at what draws you, in both the positive and the negative senses. Try to let yourself experience all your emotions fully, so that you do not become blocked, but also try not to hold onto them beyond their time. If that means allowing yourself an occasional bout of weeping then let the tears fly. But after you have discharged, let yourself repair the rupture in your spirit by remembering what is availabel to you.

    Think of this as a time when you will need to learn to surrender, but without losing your sense of self. You will need to learn acceptance. That will provide you with release. Only with immersion and acceptance will you be able to transcend your sense of sorrow and grief and seek new forms of expression.

    If you can allow it, this can be a period when you can find new forms of creativity. Your energy will be very alive, every raw, very close to the surface. If you can step outside the emotional ruts that may lure you in order to channel that energy into creativity, you will be able to express much of your emotional turmoil in a way that can help pull towards you the resources you will need to heal.

    This will mean connecting with others, coming not from a place of needing validation but rather from one in which you can give to them, one where you can share what you have learned, can offer them what they are ready to receive. It is a time when you can heal by pursuing beauty, by seeking the flow of energy that binds us in family and community, that makes you a part of a whole, not separate or isolated.

    Allow yourself to seek this sense of being connected, of being able to share and to receive, of being ready to give, of accepting that your heart can beat with joy as well as pain. If you can remain open to the possibility of synergy you will be able to heal your sorrow.

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