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1. How did you find
    Surfing the web
    Advertisement on-line
    Linked site URL of site:
    Print media advertisment Name of Print Media:
    Article in Ezine Name of E'zine:
    Other (Describe):

2. What keywords do you use to search for personal development sites?

3. Did you like or dislike?
    Download Speed  
    The site layout  
    The text  
    The navigation  
    Ordering Information  

4. What are your favorite sites for growth, empowerment, spirituality?
      Name or URL
      Name or URL
      Name or URL

5. Was the TarotCycle you received valuable (rate 1-5)?
     Very helpful Not helpful

6. How often did you read the TarotCycle? (check all that apply)
    When I received it
    Two or three times
    At the end of the cycle for perspective

7. Which of the following would be valuable to you?
    A reminder service to read my cycle
    A reminder service about my change days
    The ability to send birthcards to friends at no cost on their birthday

8. I would buy cycles:
    For myself
    For my partner
    For a friend or colleague
    About someone else
    Not at all

9. Would you refer three friends in order to get a free cycle?

10. What magazines or journals do you regularly read?
    New Age
    Women's/Men's focus

11. In the last year which of the following have you purchased?

    Tarot Reading     
    Astrology update     
    Personal Growth books/tapes     
    Guidance services     

12. What else would make TarotCycles more useful for you?

13.Fill in and proof carefully your email address so we can send you a free month of Card of the Day.  Email Address:
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14. Birth Date (m/d/y)
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15. First Name


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