Tarot Cycles make hard times easier and good times better. Tarot readings give you insights into the challenges and opportunities of each period in your life. Tarot Cycle tarot readings are like road signs on the cosmic highway. They show you what's coming your way. If you follow Tarot Cycles you get to see the quicksand instead of stepping in it. Your tarot reading can help you appreciate every nuance of your life. Your tarot reading can promote the evolution of your soul.


Integrity........Courage........ Intimacy........ Insight........ Knowing........
Surrender ........ Healing ........ Joy ........ Wholeness ........
Risk ........ Trust ........Integration ........ Creativity ....... Freedom ........


    You probably already recognize when you've entered a new period, whether it is one of romantic joy or crisis, expanding or constricted creativity, health stress or consciousness, or a time dominated by money or career issues.

    If you're lucky, you'll find clues to guide you in dreams, in meditation, in counseling, or in some moment of awareness. But for most people, these insights are too easily inundated by daily life and wheel of fortune's relentless pace.

    Having your own tarot card reading will heighten your spirituality and sensitivity. Reading it regularly will remind you to pay attention to pitfalls and problems, allies and opportunities. Tarot Cycles can help you know when to push past your limits, when to sit back and regroup, and when to move full steam ahead. Your tarot reading will shine new light on your journey.

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